Massaging Oil into Your Scalp = Fuller Hair?

Oille Natural - hair serum - growth intelligence

Happy Super Bowl Monday.  There is a reason no one ever says that.  I didn’t even drink, but I had a few chips with spinach-artichoke dip and a chocolate chip cookie and I feel gross.  Oh well, at least my hair looks good.

I found Oille Natural Hair Serum Growth Intelligence after I had Annabel and my hair started falling out.  (Other than your heart, is there any part of your body that doesn’t temporarily go to $#!+  after having a baby??)  Kirsten King, Oille Natural Founder and Clinical Aromatherapist, swore to me that if I massaged this serum into my scalp regularly, it would stimulate new hair growth and give me added volume in the meantime.  I was skeptical at first; I have fine hair and an oily scalp.  HOW was this stuff going to make my hair fuller?  Alas, I had nothing to lose, (pun intended) so I gave it a try.

I didn’t have a third-party lab test my results or anything, but I think my hair actually grew back pretty quickly.  And, Kirsten was right.  Every time I used the Growth Intelligence Serum, I had the best hair-day ever: moisturized, voluminous, shiny, swingy hair.  I still use it every two weeks or so as a deep conditioning + volume treatment.  Also, it smells heavenly.

To use, massage into dry hair, starting at the scalp and working into the ends.  Leave it in as long as possible while showering and then shampoo and condition as usual.  Cost: $28 for 1 oz.  Purchase it here.

Ingredients: Avocado Oil*, Hempseed Oil*, Cedarwood Oil*, Ylang Ylang Oil*, Rosemary Oil*.  *Certified Organic.

And a good-hair-day pic for proof: