Gift Guide: For the Wellness Junkie


Happy Monday!  ‘Tis the season of gift guides.  This year, I thought I would publish mine leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday so when the sales arrive, you can easily reference back, shop and check some very lucky loved ones off your list.

This gift guide is for that person who takes very good care of themselves, or that person who really needs to start!  These are some of my favorite gifts, and they are all available at The Detox Market.

The Lotus Wei Mini Serum Collection continues to be one of my favorite gifts.  There is an aromatherapy blend for every mood and need; just pump a few drops and massage into pulse points.  The more often these oils are used, the more effective they become. ($59)

Diptique candles are so pretty, but they’re not nontoxic.  And, there are loads of beautiful-smelling Clean candles out there, but many of them look a little…. rustic.  Shiva Rose brings us the best of both worlds with her Rosewood Vanilla Candle, and it smells heavenly.  ($50)

Kusmi Tea has been making the most delicious, health-boosting blends out there for 140 years.  This Wellness Blends Sampler is a great way to get hooked for life. ($25.50)

Moon Juice makes awesome natural remedies and beauty boosters using plant-based recipes.  I am a big fan of their Goodnight Dust for guaranteed sound sleep. ($55)

The world would be a better place if everyone took more baths, and I’m not talking about hygiene.  Osmia Organics Recovery Salt Bath restores me to who I want to be after a tough day.  French sea salt and epsom salt relax tired muscles and gently detox while a lovely proprietary blend of organic essential oils calms the senses.  ($29)

Typing this post makes me want to buy it all for myself!  What secret weapons do you use to relax?  (Wine  doesn’t count.)  😉