Good For You Friday: Ready, Veggetti?


Happy Friday!  Soooo, how’s your detox going?  Don’t worry, I won’t tell.  I’ve been sick for almost five weeks now, and I’m not sure if barely exercising and eating mostly simple carbs has made me fatter or thinner, (I think the correct term is skinny-fat) but I’m finally feeling better and it’s time to get cookin’.


Don’t laugh, but my mom got me The Veggetti (as seen on that infomercial you fell asleep to last night) for Christmas.  She swears by it and I’m actually really excited to use it this weekend.  I’m going to spiralize zucchini, steam the “noodles” and top it with the best marinara ever.


Also, I found this article relevant since all anyone can talk about in January is dieting/cleansing/detoxing.  (Guilty.)  I hope you have a great weekend!