Wondering What to Eat Now?


Ummm, that just about sums it up over here….


“So, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?”  Don’t you just hate that question?!  Personally, I don’t make one on January 1st – I try to make resolutions whenever I feel I need to throughout the year.  However, like most of you, I am very much ready to eat Clean again.  Normally, I am very conscious of what I eat, so I kind of blow it out during the holidays.  And you know what?  I don’t feel guilty about it, not one bit.  I’ve celebrated and indulged with my family and friends, and in the moment it felt great.  Aaaannd now it’s time to drink green juice and get-my-ass-to-yoga-class.

I received some *awesome* Clean-eating cookbooks for Christmas (a few of which were recommended by The Whole Tulip) and I’m so excited to get back into a routine and start cooking healthy food again.  I’ll be sure to share successful recipes with you along the way, as always.


  1. Clean Eats, by Alejandro Junger, M.D.  Cost: about $29.  Purchase it here.
  2. The Sprouted Kitchen, by Sara Forte.  Cost: about $25.  Purchase it here.
  3. Super Natural Every Day, by Heidi Swanson.  Cost: about $25.  Purchase it here.
  4. The 3-Day Reset, by Pooja Mottl.  Cost: about $22.  Purchase it here.
  5. Clean Food, Revised Edition: A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source, by Terry Walters.  Cost: about $30.  Purchase it here.
  6. The Nourished Kitchen, by Jennifer McGruther.  Cost: about $25.  Purchase it here.
  7. The French Market Cookbook, by Clotilde Dusoulier.  Cost: about $22.  Purchase it here.
  8. Thug Kitchen, The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck.  Cost: about $25.  Purchase it here.

Do you own any of these?  Do you love them, hate them?  Am I missing the best healthy-eating cookbook of all time?