Guest Blogger: Fooding & Friending!



Well, hello, Gorgeous!  Please allow me to introduce Cassie Detering of Fooding & Friending (although she doesn’t need an intro, she has a huge following)!  She is my sister-in-law’s bestie and one of my favorite bloggers ever.  F&F is one of those blogs where you can really have fun and get lost.  Cassie has the voice of your best friend (I giggle out loud often when reading) and she is so generous to let us in on her fun-food-fashion-loving life.  I also love that she gleans the best stories from “l’internet” each week.  Read on for her Clean faves…..


Good morning Bare Beauties!  I was so honored when Jessica asked me if I’d like to guest post, and I’m thrilled to share my fave clean products with y’all today.  I first got to know Jessica through her sister in law and my bff, Cate.  We’ve only hung out a handful of times, but Jessica is one of those people who immediately makes you feel like y’all have been pals for years!  Jessica’s blog was an absolute godsend for me – I’ve always tried to incorporate clean products in to my (mostly) healthy lifestyle (yoga, buying organic…whatever) but Bare Beauty has really opened my eyes to both the possibilities of clean products and the pitfalls of the unclean.  Just thinking about it…ick!  So anyway, I gathered up a few of my favorites – all Bare Beauty approved, of course – because I can say in all honesty I am a clean convert (!) thanks to this blog.  For years I was of the mindset that there was no way clean products could work as well the as others…but I was wrong, and here’s my proof!

  1. Tata Harper skincare.  I mean sorry y’all, I had to do the whole line.  I use it twice every. single. day.  I am obsessed!  I have ultra sensitive, ultra dry skin, so I use the Refreshing Cleanser, Rejuvenating Serum, and the Repairative Moisturizer.  One drop of each goes such a long way, and I seriously cannot say enough good about how wonderful these three products are.  My favorite product in her line though (and the cheapest, woohoo!) is actually the Replenishing Nutrient Complex – I keep one by my bed and one in my purse for a little facial goodness whenever I’m feeling a little dry – or needing a little extra glow.

Ok, so clearly I’m not following the rules seeing as that is already four products, but they’re all the same line, so that’s fair…right?

  1. Acure Body Lotion: I am a body lotion FREAK.  I don’t even want to think about what this bod would look like if I didn’t lotion up after every shower.  And this is the absolute best body lotion – clean or otherwise – I have ever used.  It’s so moisturizing, smells delightful, and best of all I don’t ever have to worry about what I’m slathering all over myself (!).  I seriously, seriously love this stuff.


  1. Josie Maran Argan Color stick: I loveee blush, and I was a Tarte devotee for years.  They claim to be clean-ish (I’d have to defer to Jessica on this one), but I haven’t looked back since I found the Josie Maran blush stick.  It is amazing!  The color is rich but goes on sheer and gives the perfect amount of summer glow (particularly good for my current winter translucence).  It almost feels like a moisturizer with a pop of color – and it’s so easy to transport.  Clean wins all around!


  1. Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara: I always thought mascara would be the one “unclean” product I never gave up (I was wrong…it’s eyeliner), but this one was surprisingly easy.  I love the way this mascara feels on my eyelashes – not brittle or flaky at all.  It also comes off SO easily and somehow it never smudges…the formula for miracle mascara in my book!  I swear since I’ve started using this mascara my eyelashes have gotten thicker and look healthier, but even if that’s not true I still think this is such a great (and easy!) clean product, particularly if you’re only thinking you want to get one or two clean things in your makeup bag.  We only get one set of eyes, people!


  1. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream:  The thing about switching out my unclean makeup for cleaner versions (pre-Bare Beauty) is I was too lazy to figure out what products were actually clean versus only claiming to be, and I I kind of figured “well, if I don’t know for sure I might as well keep using what I’m using…” Now I have no excuses!  I am obsessed with this CC cream – I don’t wear makeup to work, but I still find myself using this in the mornings because I love the way it feels (and smells) on my face.  After using Laura Mercier since high school, I never thought I’d find a tinted moisturizer that lived up to that one, but this CC Cream blows it – and all others, in my opinion – out of the water.  Like, seriously.

Ok and two extras because I can’t help myself.  1. Coconut oil!  I will preach this to anyone who will stand next to me long enough to listen.  Y’all, it’s time to get on the train.  I buy jars of organic, unrefined coconut oil at Whole Foods (yes, like in the cooking section) and I keep one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen.  I use it for EVERYTHING from face wash to moisturizer to eye cream – and I’m even thinking about using it as mouthwash (see: oil pulling).  It is the BEST go-to beauty everything you could possibly have in your bathroom.  2. My BKR water bottle – I know, it’s not a product, but this is the best water bottle in the world. And it’s scientifically proven that drinking out of glass tastes better.  Ok, that’s a lie – but I have found I do drink so much more water out of my BKR than any other water bottle, and I’m pretty sure it might have something to do with the fact that I don’t have to worry about anything in plastics – BPA Free or not.  And what’s great makeup without pretty, hydrated skin?  It is amazing!  (And the colors are so fun.)

A HUGE thank you to Jessica, both for letting me ramble on her awesome site and providing all us Bare Beauty wannabes with an endless amount of important information on how to take better care of ourselves.  Thanks gal!


Thank YOU, Cassie!