Mama Mondays: The Best Baby Gear

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I have really missed doing my Mama Mondays posts!  Today, I wanted to talk about some amazing baby gear discoveries – a few of these are new to the market since I had Annabel almost 4 years ago.  It’s amazing how companies are always coming out with baby gear you didn’t know you needed – but trust me, these are all game changers.

Gone are the days when baby’s enormous carseat takes up the entire shopping cart.  HOW did someone not think of this sooner?!  Binxy Baby has created a hammock with a seatbelt that attaches to the grocery cart.  It is pure genius, and it may be my biggest mom hack of Woody’s infancy.  He is so happy to look around the store instead of being stuck in his carseat, and I am so happy to be able to fill up my cart.  And, unlike most baby gear, the Binxy Baby rolls up into nothing, so it’s very easy to travel with.

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The Dockatot Deluxe (for babies 0-8 months, and 5-22 lbs.) has also been a game changer for us.  We don’t do the whole attachment parenting thing, but we did co-sleep with Woody for the first 2-3 weeks, and the Dockatot made that so much more comfortable, (it’s designed to mimic the womb) not to mention leagues safer.  I also liked that I could travel with it easily (it has a little carrying case).  We brought it everywhere with us for months, so Woody was able to catch a cozy nap anytime, anywhere.  It was nice to not have to lug a pack n’ play to friends’ houses, and he could even catch a snooze on a flight with the Dockatot across our laps.  Once he could roll over, I stopped using it for sleeping, but we still use it with the little toy arch attachment for playtime in our den.

If you do not have at least one of these Skip Hop Wet/Dry Bags, you need to do yourself a favor and add a couple to your cart.  I use these nonstop in the summertime, on the boat, at the pool, beach, anywhere there is water.  But, I also use it year round for “accidents”.  Spit up, blowouts, leaky diapers, those clothes have to be stored somewhere until you get back home, and this is so much more eco-friendly than using plastic grocery bags.  I’ve washed mine a million times and they’ve held up great.

Restaurant highchairs are sticky, dirty, full of crumbs and germs, and just gross.  We’ve had our Inglesina Fast Table Chair since Annabel was a baby, and it saves us at restaurants and when we travel anywhere from a friend’s house to a vacation.  This chair folds flat for easy packing, and the safe, simple, twist-tight couplings.  We’ve yet to meet a table this chair wasn’t compatible with.  (Keep in mind that this is for children 6-36 months and no more than 37 pounds.)

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We’ve loved our Lillebaby Complete Organic Baby Carrier.  It features super-soft brushed organic cotton fabric, and it is very lightweight as far as baby carriers go.  (We used an Ergobaby with Annabel, but that was before they offered a forward-facing option, and in my humble opinion, that position is absolutely necessary once baby is old enough.)  This carrier boasts 6 carrying options, a wide, padded waist belt and straps, and great lumbar support.  It also has an optional hood for baby and lots of pockets for mom and dad.  This carrier works for babies 7-45 lbs.

What other Mama topics would you like me to cover?

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