Move Over La Mer: Pacific is the Real Deal


Photo: Bette Walker

As I told you yesterday, after almost three years of struggling with out-of-nowhere-adult-acne, I am SO excited to share with you the skincare line that has given me my face back.  Pacific by True Nature Botanicals combines the most prized ingredients from land and sea with safe, cutting-edge technology to create the most effective skincare line I’ve used to date.  My acne is gone.  My spots are fading.  My pores are shrinking.  My fine lines are softening.  Today, my dermatologist commented on my improved complexion and asked me what I was using (!)

I met Pacific’s founder, Hillary Peterson, (a melanoma and thyroid cancer survivor) last summer and I’ve talked with her team extensively.  These people go to the ends of the earth (literally) to extract effective, safe ingredients.  I’ll say it – these products are expensive, but they are worth it and you are worth it.  There are no fillers, no toxins, no scary stuff.  (Have I told you that Creme de la Mer contains mineral oil and parabens??)  Aaaaaaaand, Pacific and I have teamed up to offer you an outstanding deal, so read on for the PM skincare routine that has changed my life (a little dramatic, but it’s true)!


Exfoliating_Cleanser_350x385_adf42d3a-94b4-4d2a-9275-0ccb6ad482be_1024x10241.   To wash the day off without stripping or irritating my skin, I cleanse with Pacific Exfoliating Cleanser. Ingredients like a patented mushroom extract and adzuki powder gently exfoliate and while chamomile and Manuka honey calm and protect the skin.  This is only the second exfoliating cleanser I’ve ever used that does not make matters worse for my face.  Love it.  Cost: $48 for 4 oz.


2.  Next, I use Pacific Face Mist, which is particularly soothing.  Sea kelp and sea fennel promote hydration and enhance water barrier protection, while polyphenols from green tea offer anti-inflammatory and toning properties.  I am a big believer in quality toners/hydrosols.  They pull moisture into the skin and improve the performance of whatever you put on top of them.  Cost: $48 for 4 oz.


3.  I immediately follow the mist with 3-4 drops of the Balancing Face Oil, which may very well be the best face oil I’ve ever used.  It is lightweight and readily absorbed by the skin and it’s packed with anti-acne and anti-aging goodies.  Helichrysum and black cumin oils are both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial; hemp, pumpkin and grape seed oils balance sebum production; a proprietary blend of marine essential fatty acids (harvested from sea vegetables and algae, not fish) keep the skin nice and plump.  Cost: $110 for 1 oz.


4.  The final step and absolute piece de résistance is the Pacific Anti-aging Wrinkle Duet, which doesn’t just fight wrinkles, it stops acne in its tracks with a one-two punch.  The Night Serum with Retinol (retinol is the non-toxic, gentler cousin of tretinoin, which you’ll see in products like Retin-A and Renova) promotes collagen production and stimulates cell turnover at warp speed without irritating even the most sensitive skin.  It also includes a host of active marine peptides that put La Mer to shame.  Pacific’s Topical Vitamin C Supplement delivers potent antioxidants to the skin, which brighten and even tone, refine texture and fade hyperpigmentation, all while actually strengthening skin and promoting collagen production.  I mix a few pumps of the serum with one vitamin C capsule and every morning I wake up with clearer, brighter, more even skin than the day before.  Cost: $190 for 30 applications.

So, there you have it.  I know you are dying to try everything, so today through Friday, February 13th, take 15% off* your entire Pacific order with the promo code BAREBEAUTY.  I am so excited to hear back about your results!

*Excludes Pacific Topical Marine Treatment.

Note: some of Pacific’s packaging has changed, so the bottles in my photos may not look exactly like what is currently on their website.