Need Some Good Medicine?

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Need some Good Medicine?

Happy Friday!  You guys know that I usually don’t gravitate towards hippie-dippy products, but what about boho-chic-desert-medicine-woman products?  There is something mystical about this brand that grabbed my attention.  Good Medicine is a five-woman, three-generation family founded company in the desert of the Southwest.

What makes Good Medicine unique? you ask.  Their proprietary “Wild Desert Tincture” (desert sage, juniper berry, larrea, dandelion and alfalfa) is a formidable agent against free radicals, fungus and bacteria – it quickly brings health and vitality to your skin, improves elasticity, increases circulation, removes waste, protects and heals.  I stole this passage from their website; the language made so much sense to me:

CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IMAGINE THE DESERT: soft, green sagebrush waving in the breeze, warm red sand between your toes and the subtle scent of juniper and larrea on the wind – reminiscent of recent rains. Now look a little closer. Notice how each beautiful plant grows in it’s own space, free of weeds and other plant-life. These glorious (and wise) desert plants know they need every drop of nourishment that falls from the sky and they have learned over the ages how to concentrate precious vitamins and minerals and guard them beneath their protective outer layer. They easily fend off those who would zap these precious resources by using their innate anti-fungal, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial capabilities. They are capable. They are wise. And so are you. These precious, organic, wild plants transfer their abilities directly to you – to nourish your skin, seal in hydration and protect your precious outer coat.

Intrigued?  I thought you might be.  A few personal favorites, so far:

Breeze Revival Mist is a beautiful toner that instantly refreshes and balances skin.  The proprietary “Wild Desert Tincture” is naturally rich in ionized minerals and antibacterial properties, organic apple cider vinegar alkalizes skin, (perfect for those who are acne-prone!) and aloe, desert honey distilled limes and hydrate.  I’m obsessed with this mist.  It feels like real, fresh morning dew on my skin.  It’s also great for sunburned skin.

Rain Replenishing Oil Wash is one of the best oil cleansers I’ve ever tried.  It disolves dirt, sunscreen, makeup and pollutants in a snap, and it seems to penetrate skin, leaving it fresh, hydrated and balanced (it’s designed for all skin types).  And, the smell!  Oh, the smell…  It’s like a grounding, calming aromatherapy treatment in itself.  Rose Hip, Prim Rose, Rosemary, Rosewood, all the roses…

Starry Eyes Brightening Eye Cream is probably unlike any eye cream you’ve ever tried.  The teensiest bit of wasabi extract makes skin tingle on contact, increasing circulation and brightening skin.  While wasabi doesn’t sound particularly soothing, it creates this warming sensation that actually feels really nice.  Other awesome ingredients are raw honey, marine algae and calendula, which fight off free radicals, hydrate and calm.  I love this eye cream!  (And, if you know me, I don’t often endorse eye creams; I’m ore of an eye serum gal.)

I can’t wait to try more from Good Medicine!  Take advantage of my 10% discount code, BAREBEAUTY, (that never expires) at Safe & Chic!

Happy Weekend!