Why Skincare Doesn’t Stop at Your Face


True Botanicals Body Duo review on barebeauty.com

When I last saw True Botanicals founder Hillary Peterson in November, she filled me in on their upcoming launch, the Resurfacing Body Mask.  I am always excited for a new release from True Botanicals, (because I’ve literally never been disappointed by one) but I was especially grateful for this product.  I’d been using their Resurfacing Mask – which is for the face – on my hands and feet periodically during the winter, which felt a little overly-indulgent, considering it’s $80 a jar…. (it did work like a charm, though).  Luckily, the body-version works equally well, and it’s only $48.  🙂  The star ingredient of this body mask is Lactic Acid, a Alpha Hydroxy Acid which, in this case, is made from fermented beet sugar.  Lactic Acid gently exfoliates while also stimulating production of collagen, natural ceramides and hyaluronic acid to prevent moisture loss.  All of this also allows for body oils and creams to absorb more efficiently and really do their job.  To use, I apply the mask all over my body like lotion, and I leave it on for 10-15 minutes.  You don’t think you have that kind of time to sit naked in your bathroom?  You do, at least at night before bed, you do.  Brush your teeth, apply a face mask, a hair mask, file your nails, and check Instagram.  Wow, it’s been like, two hours.  Better rinse it off.  Again, I like to use mine at night, so I make it part of a self care routine, and I rinse it off in a hot bath.  (You can also rinse it off in the shower.)

I was also excited to see that True Botanicals brought back their incredible Pure Radiance Body Oil.  Beyond simply smelling amazing, (all spas should smell just like it, in my opinion) this body oil doesn’t just make skin look great upon application, it actually improves the health and appearance of skin over time when used regularly.  Part exfoliant, part lubricant, the main ingredient, Green Tea Seed Oil, actually dissolves the oil complex that holds dead skin cells together.  Sunflower Seed, Hemp Seed and Chia Seed Oils deliver unbeatable nourishment to skin in the form of essential fatty acids and antioxidants.  The molecules in all of these oils are also very small, making them silky and easily absorbed by the skin, never greasy or heavy.  My favorite way to apply this body oil is to pump some into a hot bath.  Because oil and water separate, the oil is attracted to your skin, which absorbs it readily.  And, then, you don’t even have to moisturize afterward!  A lazy win.  Alternatively, you can also apply this oil directly after showering or bathing, while skin is still damp.

Did you know that as we age, it can take as long as 60 days for skin to achieve cell turnover?  (When we are younger, it takes only 30 days, and for children, it takes only 15!)  Exfoliation is crucial to keeping skin looking its best, but most scrubs overdo it, potentially creating micro-tears and leaving the dermis irritated and the skin’s protective barrier compromised.  This can lead to more damage than you started with.  And, this doesn’t just just pertain to your face!  (I love dry brushing, but it’s important to not be over-zealous; always rinse off afterwards to fully shed the dead skin cells, and always moisturize with a quality cream or oil to protect and nourish your “new” skin.)  Researchers have concluded that what most makes skin look youthful is the quality of “radiance”, which, essentially, is its ability to reflect light.  Dull skin = old looking skin, so exfoliating and moisturizing are equally important if we want to look good for our age.

When I use the True Botanicals Body Duo, my skin feels so soft, smooth and moisturized, and it looks years younger, seriously.  I recently realized that my arms and legs are finally showing some age – I wouldn’t call my skin crepe-y, but it’s definitely not as taut as it once was.  The duo makes my skin appear much more glow-y, and definitely more toned.

True Botanicals compiled an amazing guide on The Importance of Exfoliation for Skin Health.  It’s very informative; I read content like this all the time, and even I learned a thing or two.

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