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Hi!  If your New Year’s Resolution is to better watch your bottom line, or to finally make the transition to clean beauty, you’re in luck.  The Choosy Chick and I are teaming up to give you a great sale on Acure Organics, so take a moment and stock up. Acure has long been my very favorite affordable bath, body and skincare product line.  This brand is like the gateway drug to clean beauty; their incredibly safe and very effective formulas make the transition to a greener lifestyle an easy one, and their price points take the whole “clean living is for the wealthy” argument out of the equation.  While supplies last, take 15% off ALL Acure Organics products at The Choosy Chick with code BAREBEAUTY.  And, every $40 order that includes at least one Acure product will automatically receive a FREE Acure Organics tote bag.  These are our household favorites:

Argan Stem Cell + Chlorella Growth Factor Brightening Facial Scrub is an intense facial scrub with a thick, muddy texture that leaves skin feeling totally *polished*.  If you are looking for a product to use once or twice a week to keep pores clear or on occasion when skin is dry and patchy, this product is the answer.  Sea kelp, dehydrated lemon peel and green clay detoxify, exfoliate and brighten.  It’s truly a great value.

Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Argan Oil + Probiotic is the perfect cleanser for all you lather junkies out there.  This formula creates a creamy, gentle lather, effectively rinses away makeup and sunscreen, and leaves skin feeling clean, moisturized and calm.  I’m personally a fan of double cleansing; after I cleanse with oil, I often use this product to “feel clean” and get every last trace of grime off my face.

Unscented Argan Cleansing Towelettes do everything but the dishes.  I use them when I have to run post-exercise errands,  on my child’s sticky face and hands, (and sometimes even her bottom) and before and/or after cleansing when I have heavier makeup on.  They leave skin feeling fresh and clean, but not at all stripped.

Ever feel like your expensive body wash is money down the drain, literally?  Argan Cell Stimulating Body Wash is the answer.  It lathers nicely and has a subtle sweet-almond smell (very unisex, so be prepared for your man to use it all up).  It is also very moisturizing, thanks to sea buckthorn oil, argan oil and pumpkin seed oil.  I actually like all Acure’s body wash scents; this just happens to be my favorite.

Ultra Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion is my all-time favorite body lotion, hands down.  It just does the job.  It acts like your favorite body lotion – it moisturizes well, sinks in fast, isn’t greasy, and works for 24 hours – it just doesn’t have a slew of carcinogenic ingredients in it.  (I always tell people that if there is one thing you should switch out, it is body lotion.  You apply it to the entire surface area of your body, and conventional versions are so, so bad for you.)  This gentle lotion is great for little ones and if I’m in the mood for some fragrance, I just add a little of my own essential oil blend to it before applying.

Rose Dry Oil Body Spray is ultra-lightweight and easy to apply.  It’s the perfect oil for people who hate applying oil, if that makes any sense!  I like to layer it over my body lotion on my legs in the winter, or all alone in place of body lotion in the summer.  It’s also great for rough elbows and feet, and it works well on dry, split ends as a nighttime hair treatment, too.

Bare Baby 4-in-1 Foaming Wash is just awesome.  It is almost the only product I have to keep in Annabel’s bathroom.  You can use it as hand soap, body wash, shampoo and bubble bath, and it’s only $10.  This stuff couldn’t be any Greener; Acure Organics is always free of estrogenic compounds, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde donors, gluten and other common skin allergens.  It is also certified Organic and housed in BPA-free packaging – which also happens to be adorable.

Do you have any favorites from Acure Organics that we missed?