Superfood Snacks from Moon Juice + A Giveaway

Moon Juice Cosmic Provisions on
Photos: Hannah Reynolds

Happy Friday, Bare Beauties!  This week has been a bear.  Hurricane Matthew sent us packing last week, and it seems that every meeting, appointment and deadline was rescheduled on top of what was already planned for this week.  It kind of kicked my ass, but we are some of the lucky ones.  We are all okay, and our house only had a few minor roof leaks upon our return, so I’ve been counting my blessings and sucking it up.  While I love to share new recipes on Bare Beauty, lately I’ve really been into exploring quick, convenient ways to work healthier food into our diets; fall is such a busy season, and eating Clean while on the go can be challenging.  When I was packing some snacks for our “hurrication” to Flat Rock, North Carolina, I made sure to take all of my Cosmic Provisions from Moon Juice for the car ride.  These little treats are so delicious, I seriously forgot they were superfoods; They traveled really well, and they kept me from eating junk that I really wold have regretted later.  (Scroll down for details on a GIVEAWAY.)

Moon Juice Cosmic Provisions on

Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon is a classically trained chef who worked in fine dining for years, but her hypothyroid condition paired with her allergies to dairy, wheat and sugar led her to carve out her own niche in raw, holistic, medicinal foods.  Bacon is interested in composing recipes that work synergistically to heal and enhance your beauty, brain, body and spirit at the deepest level.  Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?  I had a couple of questions for Amanda, and I thought you might be interested in her answers:

BB: Hypothyroidism is rampant these days!  After healing your own condition with medicinal foods, what do you consider to be the most important foods to add to one’s diet if officially diagnosed with a “slow” thyroid?
ACB: SEAWEED! Raw, roasted, flakes, sheets, and soaked. This is a grain free, fast and delicious power snack that feeds the brain metabolism and thyroid.
BB: I consider myself pretty well-versed in clean eating, but the word “adaptogens” is new to me.  What are adaptogens and why are they so important to include in the diet?
ACB: Adaptogenic herbs are the most important group of herbs to take in the now age. they’ve been treasured in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries, to boost energy and resilience. Adaptogens not only increase the resistance to the negative effects of long-term stress, but can relax you and energize you at the same time, while also being tonic meaning they are immune-stimulating and increase your peace. Adaptogens specifically support your adrenals, the glands that manage your hormonal response to stress and help you cope with anxiety and fatigue.  the charm of adaptogens is that they work with your needs specifically, adapting their function to your body’s needs, and achieve all of these heroic acts gently, without jitters or crashing, and are safe for long-term use.  (Note: for a little more info, I like this quick read by Dr. Frank Lipman, Gwyneth’s doctor, about adaptogens.)
Moon Juice Cosmic Provisions on
I also talked to Dara Kennedy, founder of Ayla Beauty, about why she decided to start carrying snacks in her Clean beauty shop: Food is indeed new to us: I decided to try it out because we tend to get a lot of customers with major skin challenges, many of which have underlying issues related to inflammation in the body. Those customers are frequently tinkering with dietary changes, and we like to support them in that effort because that’s often a key to the best results over the long term (in addition to using the right products topically).  So, I thought it would be good for us to offer some fun little treats to make those dietary changes seem less bleak! I really like these snacks because they’re truly delicious and they’re perfect on-the-go choices for people who are trying to avoid common things like soy, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar.  I also brought them on because, while I believe in certain supplements, I also really believe in “food as medicine.” I’ve noticed that many people tend to take tons of supplements and spend less time making sure they actually eat good, tasty, healthy food. Ideally, it should be the other way around: supplements should truly supplement a healthy diet. We don’t have any plans to start selling salad or anything, but these snacks are a fun and simple way to remind people that food is important, too.
Ayla Beauty and I are teaming up to give away a stash of Moon Juice Cosmic Provisions.  Here is what will be included:
  • Activated Maca Mesquite Walnuts: These taste like walnut banana toffee.  Candy cravings, be gone.
  • Activated Hazelnut, Mulberry & Cacao Crunchers: If you’re craving crunchy chocolate goodness, but want to eat Clean, these are for you.
  • Activated Dulse & Vinegar Almonds: These are my favorite.  The Dulse (seaweed that kind of tastes like bacon) gives these crunchy almonds an umami-like taste.  Yum.
  • Herb & “Cheese” Crisps: Nutritional yeast subs for actual cheese.  Perfect for dipping, and great on their own.
  • Chili & Lime Mango: Spicy-sweet dried mango.  Totally addictive.
  • Schisandra Cacao Papaya: You’ll eat these faster than you can say chocolate-berry-papaya.
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Hope you have a great weekend!  What is your favorite healthy snack on the go?