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I’ve long coveted the hair of fellow Clean beauty blogger Sarah James of Whoorl; it is always so shiny and healthy looking and full of body.  She swears by Innersense, and it’s one of the few nontoxic haircare lines I hadn’t yet tried, so I finally caved in and ordered some.  This product line employs organic, sustainable, plant-based ingredients to create nourishing moisture, and they really have something for everyone.  The formulas are very different from anything I’ve tried in the past, and I’m really impressed with the results!

The Pure Harmony Shampoo is gentle and moisturizing, but it has a great lather, which can be hard to find in nontoxic shampoos (we are all accustomed to the thick, foamy lather from Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which is a known endocrine disruptor).  It also smells amazing, thanks to Orange Blossom and Lotus Flower Oil.

Since I knew the Pure Harmony Shampoo would be plenty moisturizing, I opted for their Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner, so I cold just focus it on my ends (I have fine hair, so I am careful about product weighing my hair down and making it look flat or greasy).  This might be the best Clean leave-in conditioner I’ve tried.  I’ve been using it on Annabel, too, (little girls and their tangles…) and she loves it.  It moisturizes and detangles hair extremely well, but some added honey creates body and hold.  It’s also great for reviving a day-old hairstyle; just spray a little on your palms, rub together, and run hands through hair for an instant refresh.

I use some sort of volumizing product about 364 days a year, so I just had to try Innersense’s I Create Volume Volumizing Lotion, which has more of a gel-serum texture.  I rub a little less than a quarter-size amount between my palms and distribute evenly through my hair from the roots down.  Organic Honey, Aloe and Wheatgrass create volume, hold and shine without making hair feel sticky or stiff.  I LOVE this product.

Innersense Haircare Review on

I’ve been sticking to this Innersense Haircare routine for about two weeks, and I really love how the products make my hair look and feel smooth, glossy and moisturized, but still provide volume and hold.  And, they also make my hair feel thicker, which is always a plus for me.

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What is your favorite nontoxic haircare line?