Ursa Major: A Majorly Green Father’s Day


Richard and I recently tried an all-natural unisex skincare line called Ursa Major from Vermont and we really like it.  It is so refreshing to find products that we can both use, especially when we travel together.  I mean, that ziplock baggie is so darn small; why not pack just one face wash for the two of us?  That way, it guarantees room for non-negotiables like my favorite face serum, which I am NOT sharing.

He likes the Fantastic Face Wash because it gives him that squeaky clean feeling without the harsh sulfates.  I like it because it takes all of my makeup off in one fell swoop.  Cost: $28 for 8 oz.

Richard used to be a loyal Cetaphil face lotion user in the past, so he likes how hydrating and mild the Fortifying Face Balm is.  I like that it leaves a nice matte finish and that it has some antiseptic/antibacterial properties (witch hazel, willow bark extract) for my breakout prone skin.  Cost: $36 for 2 oz.

The Stellar Shave Cream is just that: a cream.  It is not a foam, it is not a gel, it does not lather.  It will take your guy a minute to get used to its texture and consistency.  However, it is much more hydrating than conventional shave cream.  Not to mention it’s nontoxic, duh.  It also won Esquire Magizine’s Best Shave Cream Award for 2015.  Cost: $24 for 5.3 oz.

BTW: These also all come in travel sizes for your lil’ ziplock baggie.  🙂


Also, you do know that Father’s Day is just around the corner, (Sunday, June 21) don’t you?  Ursa Major’s Stellar Shave Set would be a great gift for the guy who is trying to going Green.  It’s only $60, and if you mention Bare Beauty in the notes at checkout, they will throw in a travel size face wash for free.

And, if you happen to be shopping at Birchbox for yo’self, you can also add some Ursa Major to your cart while you’re there for your baby-daddy.