Vintner’s Daughter: Believe the Hype

Photo: Bette Walker

Um, there are no words – no, wait – there are many, many words I can use to tell you just how incredible Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Face Serum is.  The first word that comes to mind is magical, because I’ve never had one product do so much for my skin.

I have to admit, I was skeptical when my friend Dara from Ayla Beauty raved about Vintner’s Daughter.  It just sounded too good to be true, especially for my problem-prone skin.  She must have heard the hesitation in my voice, because a few weeks later, a full-sized bottle arrived on my doorstep.  She was challenging me – I knew I had to rise to the occasion!

You see, for about 6 months, I’d been diligently using a specific skincare regimen, with fantastic results.  I was really, really scared to screw it up.  So, in addition to picking Dara’s brain a little more, I did the required research.  I read every review I possibly could online (including the one from Into the Gloss), I scoured the Vintner’s Daughter website from beginning to end, and I talked to (grilled) the founder, April Gargiulo, on the phone for almost an hour.  That’s when I learned that April created this formula for herself because she was experiencing all of the same issues that I face.  So, I took the plunge and I haven’t looked back.  I’ve used it day and night for over a month (without changing the rest of my routine) and my skin is clearer, brighter, more glow-y, less inflamed, and definitely more hydrated than ever before.  This stuff is serious.

Many of the best Green Beauty products out there have been created by pregnant women and female cancer survivors – April Gargiulo is no different.  A second-generation vintner in Napa Valley, April became pregnant with her first child, did her research, and realized all of her skincare had to go.  Then, she tried to find something 100% natural that actually worked – not just moisturized, but targeted discoloration, acne, fine lines and skin texture.  She came up with nothing and approached a long-time friend who also happened to be a natural skincare guru and voilá, Vintner’s Daughter was born!  No, not really.  It took April 2 years and 15 versions of the serum until she was happy with the finished product.

With good reason: this is the most complex natural face oil you’ll ever come across.  Usually, as a rule of thumb, I tell readers to look for as few ingredients as possible on a label.  However, this serum has 22 ingredients, so you might be all, like, whatever, do all these ingredients even do anything?  The answer is, yes.  First of all, they are all either Organic or wild-crafted.  And, many of the ingredients act like a key to a lock when combined: for example, cypress and frankincense are both great ingredients on their own, but together they enhance circulation, bringing oxygen to the skin (aka glow).  There are no extracts in this formula and none of the ingredients are included just for a pleasant scent (although it does smell beautiful).  In fact, the patience and desire for excellence April possesses as a vintner is evident in the serum’s production process.  Vintner’s Daughter uses a process called enfleurage, a technique in which the whole botanical of each of the ingredients is infused into the foundation oils in a temperature-controlled environment for 6-8 weeks.  And, the small particle size of its foundation oils, (grapeseed and hazelnut) allow all of these powerhouse ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

I could go on for hours about how much I adore this product and all of the cool, nerdy science behind it.  This serum is definitely for the skincare connoisseur, but I think anyone with any skin type would benefit and fall in love with it as much as I have.

Pass the kool-aid, Dara, I need some more!  😉