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I’m still here!  This past month has been a whirlwind.  We finally moved into our new home, we didn’t have internet for 3 WEEKS, I was sick twice, and Woody has been undergoing lots of physical therapy (more on that below).  BUT, I haven’t forgotten about you.  In fact, I’m very happy to be back.  First, let’s talk Labor Day sales and a few other promotions.

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AILLEA is offering 15% off your entire purchase now through 9/4 with code LABORDAY.  I’ll be stocking up on a few of my favorites that I purchase again, and again:

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Integrity Botanicals is also 15% off all orders $100+ now through 9/3 with code LABOR15.

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Safe & Chic is offering 15% off all orders $75+ now through 9/3 as well with code USA.

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The Detox Market is offering 10% off orders $150+ with code 10OFF and 15% off orders $200+ with code 15OFF.

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The Choosy Chick is giving away a free Lily Lolo Mascara with every $50 order with code FREEMASCARA, while supplies last.  Select items are on sale up to 20% off, now through 9/3.

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Also, Branch Basics, my favorite nontoxic household cleaning brand, recently launched their laundry collection, and I am very happy to say that it is LEGIT.  There are very few laundry detergents out there that are both truly nontoxic and effective.  I’m on my second bottle of this formula, and I’m never going back.  Use code BAREBEAUTY for 15% off your entire Branch Basics purchase.  (I reviewed Branch Basics before on the blog here, and I reviewed the entire line, including the laundry collection on Instagram.  You can watch it on my Highlights reel; it’s labeled Branch Basics.)

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Coyuchi is offering 20% off their organic bedding basics through 9/4.  Not only are Coyuchi’s products organic, but they are also sustainably sourced and ethically made.  Their quality is second to none, and when they have a sale, I jump on it.  I’m going to buy their double stitched organic cotton comforter for our guest room and an extra organic waterproof crib pad for Woody’s room.

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I recently blogged about True Botanicals‘ new subscription service, the Sun & Moon Box, and I just wanted to mention that this month, it came with a gorgeous rose quartz gua-sha stone (those usually run about $30).  I’m not usually a subscription-person, but if you are an avid True Botanicals user, it just makes sense to sign up.  (Read my full review here.)  You get a discount, a free gift with every shipment, and you choose how often you receive your products.  Also!  If you are new to Gua Sha, it’s an ancient modality that  lifts, sculpts and slims the face like magic by working with the lymphatic system.  See the very best tutorial from the QUEEN of Chinese medicine for beauty, Sandra Lanshin.  I met her at the WELL Summit last year, and I was so impressed with her knowledge.

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On a personal note, I shared a little bit of what we’ve been going through with Woody on Instagram, but I know some of you aren’t on there (sometimes, I wish I wasn’t, either!).  This is what I wrote: Woody is 18 months old, and until August 13th, could not walk. (August 13th was one of the best days of my life, seriously.) Woody’s feet turn in slightly and he cannot flatten them onto the ground. When he first started pulling up, and he was on his toes, I wasn’t too concerned. I thought he’d outgrow it, or start out as a toe-walker. Months and months went by, and he couldn’t flatten his feet or walk, and he resorted to knee-walking because he was sick of crawling. We became concerned, and he was referred to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. We were told he may have a tethered spine, may need an MRI, and eventually, neurosurgery. I’m an optimistic person, but this sent me into a anxiety-ridden mom-guilt spiral for weeks, but it also motivated me – I did not want my baby cut open. We threw the kitchen sink at it; physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, Craniosacral massage, and Rolfing, all of them, every week. Thank God, his Achilles loosened slightly, and all of the scary stuff was ruled out. We kept up with all the therapies to improve his chances at walking and/or flattening his feet. (The next option is to eventually undergo surgery to snip both Achilles and to wear foot-to-hip casts for 3 weeks. We will do it if we have to, but we prefer to try the less invasive options for as long as we can.) He still cannot flatten his feet most of the time, but every week we see an improvement, and I know he will get there. And, today, he walked! It was magic, and he was so happy. My takeaways are 1. This is a first world problem, I know. All I can think of when I’m shuffling him to all his appointments is that we are so fortunate that our family’s health is so good, and that we have the resources to pay for all of these therapies out of pocket. To the mamas who are dealing with much worse, you are warriors, and I can’t begin to imagine your strength; I pray for you daily. 2. Thank God for alternative therapies! There are always options; I’m so glad I asked around and did a little research. I’m sharing this in hopes that it helps someone else who’s going through the same thing.  So many of you reached out with the kindest words.  It was humbling and reminded me why I am on Instagram; you get out of it what you put into it, and somehow I have been blessed with the most lovely community of people in that space.  So, thank you.

I hope you have an amazing last gasp of summer this weekend!





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