An Expecting Ecodiva

While I was expecting, my nesting instinct manifested in an obsession with a healthy pregnancy.  I read everything I could get my hands on and interrogated anyone who was well-informed on the subject.  In fact, I still love to gab about it, and who better to interview that the all-natural, *glowing* and glamorous Garcy Fry of Ecodivabeauty?  Gorgeous inside and out, Garcy is the embodiment of Green Beauty: she looks like a teen-mom, but connects with you like an old soul.  Get to know her!


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BB: First of all, Congratulations!  I know you are so excited.  Do you know the sex?  How are the girls reacting to your progress?

GF: I don’t know the sex this time! We found out with both our girls so it was time to switch things up and have at least one surprise…as if the third baby wasn’t a big enough surprise, ha! The love my girls have for this baby and mama’s belly would melt your heart. Everyday I get smothered in belly hugs and kisses and bizarre name suggestions (i.e. Sha-pow, Shove-davin). They are going to be the greatest sisters and really want to help me, so I am really thankful for the age gap between them!
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BB: I know you thought you were “done”.  What transpired that made you change your mind?

GF: What transpired? An app got me pregnant! Joking, not joking. I had recently come back from a girls trip in Palm Springs with a friend that suggested I track everything womanly with this app (Kindara) that would tell me when it was “safe” to get frisky. So I started tracking my lady bits and tried to have fun in my “safe” zone, and it turns out the app was wrong and there is NO SAFE ZONE!

BB: What do you do differently while pregnant to take extra special care of yourself? (exercise, eating, any rituals, tricks, etc.)

GF: Not a whole lot actually. I take bioavailable prenatal vitamins which means I have to take them 3 times a day. I up my consumption of the water I drink. I’ve always been a healthy eater so my diet hasn’t changed. I also practice self-hypnosis (it’s meditation really, not witchcraft) in preparation for hypno-birthing. 

BB: How is this pregnancy compared to your prior two?

GF: This pregnancy has been identical to the other two, only this time I’ve experienced some hormonal breakouts that I’ve combatted with Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel and May Lindstrom Problem Solver. 

BB: And, now that you are a pregnancy veteran, what is your advice to first-timers?

GF: My advice to first timers is to take pregnancy as an opportunity to nurture your body, and enrich your mind and soul. Pregnancy and birth can be an incredibly empowering, rewarding and an enjoyable experience that can be treasured and not feared. Read books, take classes, educated yourself about the physical side of the birth process and what actually happens internally during birth. Learn to understand your own fears around pain, birth and labor and know that birth isn’t something you need to be afraid of. The strength and power you posses as a women is something to be respected, and pregnancy and birth is a testimony to that!

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And, for those of you wondering about Garcy’s can’t-live-without-pregnancy-products: