Gift Guides Galore, Volume I

It’s that time of year.  I’ve gone through all my favorite products and compiled some great gift guides for you.  Be sure to refer back to my Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Bare Beauty Style post for the best deals of 2017 in Clean Beauty.  First up: she’s got it all, but these gems are sure to impress her.  Here are some perfect gifts for that glamour puss in your life.

  1. tenoverten’s On-The-Go Gift Box is a great introduction to clean, nontoxic nail care.  It contains tenoverten’s Remover & Cleanser wipes (the best nontoxic remover wipes on the market, in my humble opinion), their Foundation base coat, Shield top coat, and Rose Oil cuticle pen.  This little kit is the perfect way to pamper hands.
  2. An evolution of Kjaer Weis‘ iconic silver compacts, their new Collector’s Kit Palette is like a jewel box for your own personalized color selection.  Their packaging is my favorite; it’s beautiful, durable and refillable, and can even double as a mirror in a pinch.  (Note: this kit does not contain makeup!)
  3. A second-generation vintner in Napa Valley, April Gargiulo became pregnant with her first child, did her research, and realized all of her skincare had to go.  Then, she tried to find something 100% natural that actually worked – not just moisturized, but targeted discoloration, acne, fine lines and skin texture.  She came up with nothing and approached a long-time friend who also happened to be a natural skincare guru.  It took them 2 years and 15 versions of the serum until she was happy with the finished product, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, but it was so worth it – this stuff is pure magic.  (They also recently released a limited edition 50ml bottle!)
  4. As long as I’ve been into Clean Beauty, I’ve been a fan of Strange Invisible Perfumes; I’ve been wearing their scents for years – they are the pinnacle of nontoxic luxury fragrance.  Using ZERO synthetic ingredients, botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis formulates each original fragrance with certified organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences in Venice, California. Limited batches are then reverently hand-blended, set into a base of custom-distilled esprit de Cognac, and aged for a minimum of six months. All Strange Invisible Perfumes are completely botanical and unfiltered.  The perfect way to sample Strange Invisibles is to first invest in their Minibar, which includes Aquarian Rose, Atlantic, Black Rosette, Dimanche, Epic Gardenia, Essence of IX, Fair Verona, L’Invisible, Magazine Street, Musc Botanique, Peloponnesian and Prima Ballerina as well as a $50 gift card to use toward a future purchase.  This beautifully presented, handmade gold-engraved box makes a gorgeous, thoughtful gift.
  5. Plume All-Natural Eyelash Enhancing Serum WORKS, and unlike Revitalash and Latisse, it is totally safe for pregnancy. Plume works by stimulating follicle growth while hydrating and protecting; lashes grow longer and stronger, so they don’t fall out as often as they do when you use nothing.  Ingredients like organic Aloe Aera, Castor Oil and Honey Extract moisturize and provide anti-fungal and antibacterial properties; ingredients like Watercress, Indian Cress, Coltsfoot Flower, Yarrow Flower and Peruvian Bark Extract have seemingly magical hair lengthening and strengthening powers.
  6. There were no color correcting “purple” hair products in the clean beauty world – until Rahua Color-Full Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask.  They. Are. Amazing.  They moisturize just enough, they impart shine and body, and my color looks better and brighter and less brassy than it usually does a few weeks after getting  highlights.  The Color-Full collection balances tones on all shades of colored hair by blending natural mineral pigments along with a cocktail of plant-based oils.

Next up, The Selfless Superwoman.  We all know her (heck, you might even be her).  She’s does it all, and she is exhausted, putting herself last most of the time.  Force her to commit to some me-time with these indulgent products so she can create a ritual she can look forward to.

  1. Follain‘s new co-branded bath collection is to die for.  Follain’s founder, Tara Foley, chose her very favorite bath time items that her stores have carried forever, and collaborated with their founders for the perfect bath experience.  The chosen few?  RICA Rosebud Milk Bath, Farmaesthetics Dream Bath Elixir, Organic Bath Co. Rose Body Butter and Osea Lavender Bath Salts.  I’m relaxing just thinking about it.
  2. Some of my personal favorites from One Love Organics are their award-winning Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover, Vitamin E Eye Balm and their Rose Clay Cleansing Sponge.  The Cleansing Oil is an absolute game changer; there is no better way to take the day off your face.  The eye balm is so perfect for bedtime during the cold, dry winter months, and the little cleansing sponges just feel so good on the skin.
  3. Minimalism meets luxury in the Henné Lip Collection.  The Luxury Organic Lip Balm (both in the pot and in the tube) just does the job, plain and simple.  Bursting full of plant-based organics oils and butters, Henné is my favorite for bedtime; when I wake up, my lips are soft, moisturized, and I can still feel the product on my lips.  The Organic Luxury Rose Diamond Lip Exfoliator is a lifesaver for dry, flaky lips in the dry, cold months as well.
  4. When New York Times beauty columnist Bee Shapiro became pregnant with her first child, she became frustrated with the lack of nontoxic luxury fragrance available.  She set out to create complex, sophisticated fragrances with renowned perfumer Jerome Epinette, and she nailed it.  My favorite is her Ellis Brooklyn Body Milk, Eu de Parfum and Scented Candle in Fable.
  5. True Botanicals has ONE sale, all year, and it’s 11/24-11/27.  It’s the perfect time to stock up for yourself, but it’s also a great opportunity to buy an indulgent gift for a loved one at 20% off.  True Botanicals Basics Collection is perfect for those who are looking for an entreé into the line; it’s also great for those who are pregnant, nursing, or looking to prevent further environmental damage.  All the lines they offer (CLEAR, RENEW, CALM and BASICS) are totally nontoxic and incredibly effective.  The four-step regimen also creates the opportunity to take care of yourself with a daily and nightly skincare ritual.
  6. Even the busiest of us who are all-thumbs with makeup can use the W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Multi-Use Color Duo.  This compact contains two of my all-time favorite shades: Nude Rose and Nude Peach.  The formula is creamy and satiny without being oily and works equally well on lips, cheeks and eyes.  A touch warms up a pallid complexion just enough.

They’re obsessed with wellness; you’re obsessed with them.  Or, maybe someone you love wants to start taking better care of themselves.  Show them all some love with these high-vibe luxuries.

  1. Pursoma Hot Tub Bath and Jute Dry Brush the ultimate at-home detoxifying spa treatment.  Made from pure, raw, vegan ingredients this potent recovery bath helps to warm and stimulate the body, aiding in the elimination of toxin build-up for when your body needs it most: to combat runny noses and chest congestion, body aches and fatigue. Warming ginger root assists in stimulating circulation, ridding the body of excess fluids and mucus. Sea salt helps to stimulate circulation and blood flow, opening the body’s cells to deep purification. Montmorillonite clay can support the absorption of toxin build-up as it aids in cellular revitalization and helps to restore the body to health.  When I’m not pregnant, I dry brush as often as I can; it eliminates stubborn cellulite, exfoliates skin and gently detoxifies the body.  Read my post about it here.
  2. Ursa Major makes great, affordable gift box options with androgynous packaging, making shareable, effective, nontoxic skincare available to everyone.  I love their Exercise Freak Workout Essentials Kit.  It contains their face wash, face balm, essential deodorant, and essential wipes (which I’m never without) in a cute nylon zip-pouch.
  3. The Lotus Wei Mini Serum Collection continues to be one of my favorite gifts.  There is an aromatherapy blend for every mood and need; just pump a few drops and massage into pulse points (the inside of wrists, elbows, behind ears, bottoms of feet, temples, etc).  I also love to pump some into my palms before bed, rub them together, and then cup them over my nose and mouth and breathe deeply.  Doing that can truly change my state of mind.  The more often these oils are used, the more effective they become.
  4. Moon Juice is a Venice, CA juice bar and burgeoning wellness empire created by Amanda Chantal Bacon, a chef with a deep passion for health. Celebrities & foodies alike flock to Moon Juice for daily nourishment and beauty foods.  I’m loving their Bliss Miss gift set, which contains Spirit Dust, Cacao Powder, and Tocotrienols.  This high-vibe supplement kit will leave you feeling calm and centered with just the right amount of energy.
  5. Osmia makes the BEST body oils; their beautiful formula passes my personal body oil test.  I simply will not use a body oil unless it absorbs into my skin quickly enough to dress in 5-10 minutes.  I don’t have time for goopy, greasy formulas, and I doubt you do, either!  This body oil is silky and light, but still does the job.  I really, really love it.  My favorite is Night.  With ingredients that signal the autonomic nervous system to relax and restore, including French lavender, Roman chamomile and Moroccan Atlas Cedar Wood Oil, this formula supports healthy melatonin production, provides soothing aromatherapy, and softens and renews dry skin in one fell swoop.
  6. Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body SPF 30 is simply stellar.  It contains a whopping 20% non-nano zinc oxide, which not only protects from both UVA and UBV rays, but also soothes skin.  The finish is sheer and the formula is very moisturizing, but not greasy, and it has a light, natural citrus scent.  This is a solid, nontoxic sunscreen.  They also make an unscented version and a TSA-approved travel size.

Newsflash: she already has plenty of wine.  Give your gracious hostess something she can enjoy after everyone is long gone.  Hostess gifts can be tough.  I always look for something special, something that someone wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves.  The packaging must be beautiful, and I honestly prefer to pick up brands and products that are a little more obscure.  And, obviously, I prefer to give nontoxic goodies that I’ve tried myself and have loved.

  1. I love Follain’s Refillable Hand & Body Soap and their Candle; it’s made of natural vegetable wax, has a cotton wick and the scent (which smells just like their stores) is made of pure essential oils and totally nontoxic.  It’s box is even compostable and contains wildflower seeds.  How’s that for sustainable?  And, their liquid castile soap?  It works on hands, body, delicates, the dog, baby, everything – all while smelling beautiful, lookifn pretty on the counter, and being totally nontoxic.
  2. The anti-inflammatory, mood lifting Ayla + MyHavtorn Happy Tea.  was great for me postpartum, especially since it’s rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium (women are generally depleted of many minerals after childbirth).  However, it’s also just great in the wintertime for anyone who has the doldrums.  And, Dara’s Oil?  It is for everyone.  This light oil moisturizes so well, but absorbs on contact, leaving skin soft and calm, never greasy.  It is especially great for those with extremely reactive (sensitive) skin.  I used it recently to return my skin to its baseline after using too many “active” products after a major breakout.
  3. The RMS Luminizer Holiday Gift Set will leave them looking well rested and glow-y, even if they’re dog-tired.  It features three full size luminizers: living luminizer, magic luminizer, never-before-released gold luminizer and a retractable brightening brush.  It’s a perfect gift to buy in multiples, as these shades flatter any and every skin tone.
  4. The Goodnight Co. Silk Pillowcase meets the strictest quality standards; their luxuriously smooth textures are beautifully effective at preventing frizz and face creases.  Made from the highest quality 22 momme mulberry silk — the best on the market, with a 600 thread count — they not only feel incredible, but also boast myriad benefits for hair and skin.  They are also naturally dust mite-resistant and hypoallergenic, and regulate temperature perfectly.  The ultimate glam girl necessity, if you ask me.
  5. Kosas’ Future Icon Gift Set will make anyone look their best in a hurry.  It includes Tropic Equinox bronzer duo, Papaya 1972 pressed blush duo, and their incredible lipstick (my favorite formula, ever) in Undone and Electra, in a crimson makeup bag.
  6. Maya Chia’s Supercritical Waterless Wonder Balm is on of my favorite products of all time.  This multi-purpose wonder balm spot treatment leaves your hands, lips, elbows, feet – anywhere on your body – nourished, hydrated and rejuvenated with out leaving skin greasy.  I also love that it’s delicately scented with an orange blossom essential oil fragrance blend.

That’s it for today, but stay tuned for round two of my holiday gift guides!  I hope you have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving with your friends and family, and happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping!  Don’t forget to use my guide to all the sales!