Mama Mondays: A New Addition

James Woodward “Woody” Morse, 6 lbs, 15 oz, 20.5″, born February 16

I can honestly mean it when I say, Happy Monday today!  Our sweet baby boy arrived last Thursday afternoon, and our family is complete.  And by complete, I don’t mean it’s complete because we have two children, or one girl and one boy, but complete because something was missing until we met this little soul.  He is so mellow and sweet that I think I might even be enjoying the newborn phase (I am not normally a newborn person).

His name is James Woodward Morse, and though I can’t stop calling him “Sweet Baby James”, we will be calling him “Woody”. We named him after my dad (who is so dutiful and dedicated) and my maternal grandfather, (who was incredibly kind and patient) both James, and Woodward was my maternal grandmother’s maiden name (she was just damn strong).  I hope he will embody all of these fine traits.  Richard and his father are just glad that the Morse name will live on for another generation.  😉


Labor and delivery were fairly easy, again.  I’ve been very lucky, and I really do think that drinking copious amounts of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea has something to do with it.  (Women have been drinking this uterine toning tea for centuries to ensure a quick and easy delivery.)  For more of my natural pregnancy tips, see herehere, here here and here.

While we are on the topic of motherhood, stop by The Mama Notes, Caitlin Kruse’s (of Glitter Guide) new motherhood blog for an interview with yours truly and all of my favorite clean product picks for pregnancy, babies and children.  Caitlin always has her finger on the pulse of what is current, beautiful and practical, and I know her new site is going to be huge!

The pic above ALMOST makes me miss my belly…

I’m going to sign off now….. my boobs are about to explode….  Ah, the joys of nursing every three hours around the clock!

Have a great week!