Mama Mondays: My Prenatal Skincare Routine

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Photo: Bette Walker

Happy Monday!  Did last night’s supermoon keep anyone else up all night?!  I was, like, 10-20% conscious while I tossed and turned all. night. long.  A brutal way to start the week, but there’s work to be done!  A few of you have asked about my skincare routine during pregnancy.  There is no doubt that hormones play a leading role in the health and appearance of our skin, and many women experience out-of-the-blue dermatology issues when they become pregnant.  Some of us encounter weird dry patches and rosacea, while others break out in acne like teenage football players.  (I tend to fall into the latter group.)

It is no secret that I am a devoted user of True Botanicals Skincare.  Unfortunately, we did not find each other until Annabel was almost a year old, so I didn’t have the benefit of their products during my last pregnancy.  However, they have kept me 95-100% clear of blemishes for over two years, and, of course, I’ve been using True Botanicals almost exclusively during this pregnancy.

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My AM Routine:

  • I mix about 4 shakes of True Botanicals Polishing Grains with their CLEAR Hydrating Cleanser.  The Polishing Grains are fairly new, and they are amazing – it’s the most effective formula I’ve found that is still gentle enough for everyday.
  • I tone with True Botanicals CLEAR Nutrient Toner, which fights bacteria and moisturizes with equal vigor.***
  • I apply about 6 drops of True Botanicals CLEAR Pure Radiance Oil.  I use this on the skin around my eyes, too, as this formula absorbs into skin on contact, making it the perfect pairing for concealer and eye makeup.  The ingredients are so effective; Helichrysum is not on antibacterial and antifungal, but it’s also soothing and anti-inflammatory.  Hemp, Pumpkin and Grapeseed oils restore pH balance and balance sebum production.  Algae Extract and Astaxanthin feed skin with essential fatty acids.
  • Last, I apply 1 pump of True Botanicals Everyday Sheer Coverage SPF 20.  I love the way this sheer, semi-matte formula sinks right into my skin; it looks great by itself or under makeup.

My PM Routine:

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***A Word on Willow Bark Extract: While it’s a well-known fact that salicylic acid is to be avoided during pregnancy (the EU is pushing to ban it altogether over there), the jury is still out on Willow Bark Extract, the original, natural version of this ingredient (salicylic acid is the synthetic version of willow bark extract).  My OB is okay with me using Willow Bark Extract topically in small amounts, and from what I’ve read, I feel okay using it.  I used products that contained Willow Bark Extract almost daily during my last pregnancy, and Annabel is just fine.  True Botanicals’s stance is that it’s best to avoid all forms of salicylic acid, natural or not, so as you can see, this is going to be a personal decision.  You should most definitely consult both your OB and your dermatologist before using anything containing Willow Bark Extract.***

True Botanicals also makes an incredibly effective CALM line for those who have inflamed, rosacea-prone skin.  If that is your challenge during pregnancy, it is worth checking out; some of my family members have had great luck with it.

Any other products you’ve been wondering about since becoming pregnant?